Fire Risk Assessments in Warminster

The law does not impose hard and fast prescriptive standards for fire risk assessments in Warminster. Anyone who employs that employs five or more people needs to have one. This includes part time staff and operations where the staff work in different locations for the same employer; such as a chain of three shops that has two employees based in each.

Put simply, if you are responsible for somewhere where people other than your family and friends can visit then fire safety law requires you to do a fire risk assessment and act on the findings. This is a technical and legal way of saying you should reduce the chances of a fire starting and think about what to do if a fire does start.Details of the law itself, can be downloaded from the CLG government website here.

We provide Fire Risk Assessments based on extensive experience gained from many years in the Fire Service and Fire Safety sector.

Highly recognised qualifications enable us to apply a balanced and cost effective judgement for simple and complex premises using current Standards, Approved Guides and Codes of Practice. Fire Risk Assessments are completed on a fixed price basis.

When we conduct a fire risk assessment of your premises, we produce a full report and action plan detailing any significant findings and recommendations for improvement. Any significant findings will be prioritised according to the level of risk identified.

Our fire risk assessments in Warminster cover many areas including means of escape, fire exit signs and staff training.  For more details please visit our fire risk assessment page.

Fire Extinguisher Service in Warminster

We offer a competitive pricing on fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance in Warminster.

Our service charge includes all basic replacement parts and annual service certificate.

We are a BAFE qualified service technicians and carry out all work to current British Standards.

For an informal conversation about fire extinguisher service in Warminster and the surrounding area please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fire Extinguisher Supply in Warminster

New fire extinguishers are supplied in Warminster with a 5 year guarantee.

We provide free advice ensuring your business remains compliant with current legislative requirements.

Fire Training in Warminster

Fire Training courses in Warminster enable your organisation to comply with the legal requirement for staff fire training.

Our Staff Fire Training courses raise awareness and improve fire safety working practices and give staff the necessary knowledge and skills required to react appropriately in the event of a fire.

All our courses include live fire simulation involving the safe use of fire extinguishers with employees receiving a certificate of attendance on completion of the training.

Courses can be carried out at your place of work at a time which suits you and can be tailored to meet your specific fire safety management requirements.

fire risk assessments in warminster

We specialise in Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguisher Servicing.

We offer Staff Fire Training to companies of all sizes.

We provide Fire Risk Assessments to many businesses around Wiltshire.